The Greater Rochester Health Foundation wants to help you find fresh, affordable produce throughout the city.

We're helping connect you with the fresh produce you want at the low price you love, whether it's at the City of Rochester Public Market or one of Foodlink's many Curbside Markets throughout the city. Both offer a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. And both accept SNAP benefits.


Using SNAP benefits makes your money go further

For every $5.00 of SNAP benefits you spend at Foodlink's Curbside Markets or the City of Rochester Public Market, you'll receive an extra $2.00. That's 40% more SNAP benefits just for shopping at these great locations.

Plus, there's no limit to the amount of extra SNAP benefits you can receive. Spend $20.00 and you'll get an extra $8.00. Spend $50.00 and you'll receive $20.00 more to spend.


Fresh produce comes to you with Foodlink's Curbside Markets

Like a farm stand on wheels, these trucks travel the city making daily stops in neighborhoods throughout the city of Rochester. Cash, debit, SNAP, and EBT are accepted. Check out the full schedule below and find a location near you.

Visit the Foodlink website or call 2-1-1 for more information on Foodlink's Curbside Markets and rotating site locations.


Buy fresh for less with the City of Rochester Public Market Token Program

This program makes it easy for shoppers to spend their SNAP benefits at the Public Market. Simply stop at the Market Office to swipe your EBT card and receive wooden tokens, which are used as market currency. Click here to learn more.

City of Rochester Public Market
280 N. Union Street
Rochester, NY 14609